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I, like everyone else on the internet, started my New Years Resolution on February 1st. Because January was just a trial month. And I, like everyone else on the internet, resolved to start eating less and working out more.

By eating less I mean adding vegetables to my pizza, and by working out more I actually mean working out more, because if you’ve seen any of my Instagram stories you would know I’m obsessed with Switch Playground.

I was introduced to &pizza back in June 2017. They had just opened their first NYC location, where a friend was throwing his going away party. Side note: Let's make adult pizza parties a thing. Thanks.

Since then I’ve walked past their locations in Philly and DC, their hometown, but just have finally made it back to their 22nd spot in NoMad (where there is usually a line to the door during lunch hours.)

&pizza is not your traditional pizza restaurant. They are a fast-casual spot, where you can wait in line to build your entire pizza from scratch (or pick from their hits) and have it prepared in about 7 minutes. And each pizza comes out to the same price: exactly $11. Their heavily tatted staff is deemed a 'tribe,' many baring the &pizza ampersand on their skin. I approve.

Since it's February and all of our New Years Resolutions are in full force, I went for their salad pizza, topped with olive oil, romaine, basil pesto, cucumber, tomato, shredded mozzarella, ranch, and pickled red onion. It still came out to to a whopping 710 calories, but it's healthy, right?

Rating: 3.6/5

(Please excuse my amateur move of having the last two pictures stuck on a camera, and therefore taking a shitty picture of a picture. We live and we learn people.)

Photographer: Frannie Weise


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