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Check out that Philly cheese steak slice! Loaded with steak, jalapeños, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, onions, and ranch. Hello?

Carmine's on Graham Avenue in Brooklyn is the spot. The slices are full of mouthwatering and innovative ingredients and the wood-fired crust is perfect. 

The joint was opened in 1979 just around the corner from where it stands today. Back in the 80's it was called Rays (though the owner's name was Gaetano), and in 1992, Gaetano's son, Carmine, took over. In 2004 he moved the pizza parlor to where it is now, and just two years ago Carmine expanded the venue into a large sit down restaurant with a full bar. From then on its been a great place to pop in for a quick slice or kick back, have a beer, and watch a game.  Phew! History lesson.

Carmine was born and raised in Brooklyn, three blocks away from where he now owns his pizza joint. He is a die hard Yankees fan (if you couldn't tell by his choice of decor.) Baseball, Carmine says, is his favorite thing besides pizza.

What to order: [Today] I had the Philly cheese steak slice, but my all time favorite is the truffle mushroom straight out of the wood-fired oven. It is the f*cking best. Treat yourself.

PS: Speaking of treat yourself, ladies, Green Nail Salon next door is the best and most affordable. Ask for Tina.

[Carmine, the pizza legend himself. He's everything a pizza master should be: passionate, imaginative, and BK born.]

Photographer: Paul Petrolito

IG: @nyc_headshots


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