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What's better then getting the whole family together for Father's Day? Getting the whole family together at one of the best pizzarias in Connecticut for Father's Day. *enter smirk emoji here*

The story of Frank Pepe is quite inspirational. An Italian immigrant who moved to New Haven, CT at the age of 16, poor and illiterate. Long story short: In 1925, Pepe and his wife began making pizza. They opened up a pizza shop in New Haven, lived above it with their family, and employed all of their family members. Eventually, through word of mouth, Pepe's became well-known as a premiere pizzeria. He even originated the New-Haven style thin crust pizza.

Today Pepe's is famous for their white clam pie. Just mention the name Pepe's and wait for the influx of messages screaming "clam pie" and heart-eyed emojis. The people are not wrong- but I would be lying to you if I said the clam pie was my favorite. It's not my second favorite either. But hey, personal choice. It's a good pie. Order it.

We ordered a large of each of Pepe's specialty pies: the white clam pizza, the original tomato pie with pepperoni, the spinach, mushroom & gorgonzola (THIS ONE is my favorite), and a margherita,

I could argue Pepe's is pizza perfection, I mean... their crust. <3 (Also this was the first time my 10-year-old step sister said she ate 4 slices of pizza in one sitting. That says something people.)

The spinach pie was definitely the crowd favorite, followed by the original pie with pepperoni. But you can never go wrong with pepperoni. The only pie we had left-overs of was the white clam- go figure.

[We opted for the Fairfield location, as its closer to home then taking the trip out to New Haven.]

[Shop these sunnies by my babe over at Sequin Sand!]

[The famous white clam pie.]

[The original tomato pie- with my favorite pizza topping- pepperoni.]

[Spinach, mushroom, and gorgonzola. I'm done. Phenomenal pie.]

[Margherita. A little tooooo saucy if you ask me. This one gets a B.]

Photographer: MOMMA

Thanks mom!


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