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This past weekend Lil Yachty set up a pop-up shop at Famous Ben's Pizza in Soho. *enter heart-eye emoji here* (If you know anything about me, you know that my two favorite things are pizza and hip-hop.)

Yachty's Pizzeria was only open on Friday and Saturday (Aug 25th + 26th), and drew in a crowd of fans waiting to buy Yachty merchandise and a slice of pizza. The merch included t-shirts, hats, and a pretty dope bomber jacket that came in a branded Yachty's Pizzeria box. Yachty was even generous enough to pass out pizza to those waiting in the crowd outside... Man, thanks, Lil Boat.

Needless to say- I highly approve. Now let's talk about pizza.

This was my second time having a slice of Ben's, located on the corner of Spring and Thompson. Ben's has the reputation for being a great New York slice. In fact, they were voted best Sicilian in New York, as well as one of the top five best pizza stores in New York. (They also became famous for their cameo in Men in Black II, though they had already deemed themselves 'Famous Ben's' by then.)

I ordered a slice of their award-winning Sicilian and a slice of buffalo chicken, because while I'll eat pizza with anything on it any time, buffalo chicken probably falls within my top three favorite

toppings. (Buffalo chicken itself falls in top five favorite foods, but I digress.)

The buffalo chicken was, well, your standard cheap buff chix slice. Not bad, not great. Its a 'good' slice. The Sicilian was THICK. But other than the nice crispy crust, it just didn't do it for me. I have to say, both time's I've had Famous Ben's I was not thoroughly impressed.

If you are in the 'hood and want to grab a cheap New York slice, I say go for it. Otherwise, not a must go to spot.

Rating: 3/5

Photographer: Sam Kretch


PS: LIL YACHTY AND I ARE THE SAME PERSON. Watch him talk about his diet with the exact words that would have also come out of my mouth in the clip below.


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