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Good 'ol Artichoke Pizza. Remember those late nights grabbing a slice after 1oak? Me neither.

While to me Artichoke has become synonymous with those party nights, they have really made a name for themselves since their first spot on 14th street in 2008. Today, New York boasts eight Artichoke locations (excluding LaGuardia Airport). If you're coming to New York, chances are you've heard the name and are eager to try it.

My opinion: Artichoke doesn't make the top of the list, but go for it. Everyone should try it once. But be ready to commit to that slice, because it is h.e.a.v.y.

PS: Photos shot at the Artichoke in my new hood, Bushwick baybay.

Find you someone who looks at you the way I look at pizza.

[Me posted up on the piano with my Artichoke slice. Who says romance is dead?]

Photographer: Paul Petrolito


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