November 10, 2017

When I told a couple friends that I was going to do a blog at Serafina, they looked at me like I was crazy. "The Italian place?" "Um, pretty sure it's a pizza place." I only go to Serafina for the pizza. But their response got me thinking. Has my addiction to pizza overshadowed anything else served at any restaurant with pizza on the menu? 


I quickly did some research, and was reassured that yes, Serafina was founded on the goal of making great pizza. Phew. I'm not a crazy pizza person. *enter winky-face emoji here*


As the dramatic story goes, two friends were lost at sea on a small sailboat. They were cold, starving, and dreaming of pizza. (AKA me all winter.) They made a promise to each other that if they were to survive, they would open up a restaurant serving the best pizza and pasta in the world.  They survived, and Serafina was born. (They now have 29 locations worldwide.)


I love prosciutto as a pizza topping so I ordered the Di Fabio, a Serafina classic named after one of the founders. Simple & satisfying. Brick oven & thin crust - you can't go wrong. To be honest, I don't think you can go wrong with any of their 24 pies.


PS: This post was shot at the Ludlow location which offers such a cozy Italian vibe, but don't be surprised if you catch another Serafina post in the future, as I'm dying to check out the new spot the boys just opened in TriBeCa over the summer.


Rating: 4/5



Photographer: Paul Petrolito

IG: @nyc_headshots


Make-up: Jenny 

IG: @jennyneuf


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