November 23, 2017


​And hey, ayo we made it, Thanksgiving!

(If you can pick up on this lyric then four for you, Glen Coco.)


I was walking by Brunetti last Friday at lunch time when I noticed a sign outside their window: The Thanksgiving Day Pizza. Without thinking twice my friend and I ran in, sat down, and ordered it; because you better believe that if you are putting an entire Thanksgiving meal on top of a pizza - I am eating that 'ish.


Let's get right into it. The Thanksgiving Day pizza is topped with turkey sausage, squash prepared with pumpkin spice, brussels sprouts, goat cheese and ricotta, and topped with a cranberry sauce from apples and peaches. Their crust goes through a two-day fermentation process. It's one of my favorites, so fluffy (which actually I don't usually like, but Brunetti does it so well.) And if you thought it couldn't get any better - everything is done in house. In their small ass kitchen. Hello?


Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family and eating a lot of good food that may or may not include pizza (if you are holla @ me!) There is so much to be grateful for today, and everyday. *enter smiley face emoji here*


Rating: 4/5

 PS: Chef Erik is the man. Scope the BTS:

Photographer: Sam Kretch

IG: @samkretch


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